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The Centre for Conflict Resolution’s Peace Library in Cape Town is a specialist research library that focuses on the fields of conflict management, negotiation and mediation, and broader peace issues, with a strong pan-African focus. The Information Centre catalogue can be searched by using the facility at the top right-hand corner of this page.

Main Collections

  • The General Collection contains books, manuals and reports on many aspects of conflict management, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, mediation and negotiation.
  • The Youth Collection brings together material relating to issues facing youth. Material in the collection covers among other subjects, violence and children, discrimination, diversity, emotions and youth, bullying, facilitation, peer mediation and peacemaking skills.
  • The Video Collection includes material about conflict management and negotiation in different situations including in communities between people, in prisons and schools. There are also more general videos, many on Africa.
  • The Journal Collection comprises selected academic journals in the field. A large number of newsletters and magazines are exchanged with organisations similar to ourselves.
  • The Pamphlet Collection includes many items written from the 1960s-1990s on conflict resolution topics, as well as mediation and negotiation during the transition to democracy in South Africa.

Search Tips

  • Use the drop-down menu above to search the database

  • Punctuation is ignored in searches to improve search results

  • When searching the Author field for an author whose surname contains a prefix or suffix (e.g. van der Merwe or de Beer) use only the root or main part of the surname (i.e. Merwe or Beer)

  • The search automatically searches anywhere within a field - there is no need to use any boolean functions nor special markup characters when searching

  • Use the Search within results option to narrow search results down. Use multiple words to return more refined results. For example, typing 'human rights report' will return more relevant results than typing just 'report'.